A loss here

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It’s been a tough week. Last Saturday, my youngest son Nick died here at home. He’d been fighting a disease for over 5 years and it finally won. It was such a shock to see after the way that day started. He was up and seemed happy in the morning. He seemed to still be that way around noon. But when my wife Jane went to get him for dinner that night, he was gone. He died in his room and I doubt we’ll ever know exactly what happened.

They came and took him away and performed an autopsy. Nothing definite from that although they did say he had an enlarged heart. They are awaiting toxicology reports to confirm everything. Then he was sent to a mortuary where we had a nice service for him. We are having him cremated and that should be done early next week.

It’s so strange not to have him around. My other two sons came for the funeral, but they’ve gone home now. The house is really quiet now. No extra noises coming from the basement anymore and it’s just Jane and I for meals now. Hopefully we’ll get used to it soon.

I’ll post more when we get some more information.

I think it’s time.

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I’ve been thinking about this for a while and think it’s getting close to time to put this to bed. I just don’t have the drive to keep it up. Then again, I might need a place to vent and this is the best place to do it.

New Telephoto Lens

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As I wrote before, I ordered a telephoto lens and it came last week. I love it! It’s an Opteka 500mm fixed length lens that also came with a 2x multiplier. That’s 1000mm total. Oh, is this fun. I got it hooked up and started with the 500mm length. Talk about seeing things up close. Taking pictures seemed to be pretty easy and I got a few shots around the house and backyard. 500mm seemed pretty easy to use. The quick pictures I took were clear and in focus.

Then I put the multiplier on the lens and things got really interesting. First was the fact that everything I was trying to shoot was so close :). Needless to say I discovered why folks tell the beginners to always use a tripod when shooting with a telephoto lens. I am now a believer. I didn’t realize just how shaky I was. The thing is, This lens isn’t really that long when compared to all the long lenses and I thought I could control it. Boy, was I wrong. I did get a couple of nice close up pictures, but a lot of them were fuzzy or not a full screen picture.

I’m looking forward to going out and shooting something other than my backyard with this lens set.

Looking good

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Well, last night I turned my monitor off just as I’ve done for years. This morning when I started things up, no monitor. Dead. I tried everything I could think of to get it to work. I tried unplugging the power, holding the power on button while plugging in the power. Nothing. It is an older monitor, so I’ve been sort of expecting it to die. So I go down to Best Buy, one of my favorite stores, and pick up a new monitor. Not just any monitor though. It’s a 25in. HP IPS LED monitor. Damn, this is sweet. Picture is better, and of course bigger than the 22in. that I had before. It was also $60 off and that helped too.

I got the monitors switched, and started the computer. A few things flash, and then the picture comes up. Boy, talk about pretty. And it’s so big. I’m seeing little things that I don’t remember seeing before. It’s nice and I’m pleased. This one is definitely a keeper.


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When we bought this house, the previous owner had a large screen TV that he gave to us.  It worked fine up until last week when it simply quit. Oh, well, it gave me a chance to get a new flat screen which I did. Little did I realize the extra costs involved to get everything right. After getting everything hooked up, it looked pretty nice, but those black bars at the top and bottom really bother me. So I’ll have to upgrade our TV box. Might as well do the whole house while I’m at it. Then when trying the cheap blue-ray player, it died, so I had to buy another one of those. But at least it works. I never knew how good things would look. Blue-ray is really nice. So I’m happy. Just waiting for the tv boxes to arrive.

Update! The TV boxes are installed and boy, TV has never looked so good. I really didn’t realize the difference that HD would bring. Then my wife decided that we should update the other TV so I went out and got another flat screen. I always thought that the old Hitachi had a good picture, but it doesn’t compare. It’s like day and night. When I watched football yesterday, it was like you could see the blades of grass on the field. It was really amazing. I guess the only thing left to do is get a blue-ray player for the upstairs TV.  Maybe this week. I’m not in a rush.


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A few years ago, I first read the Blog of Helios and was impressed with his enthusiasm towards linux. Ken Starks was adamant about helping out kids and getting them involved with technology. He took donated computers, configured them with linux, and gave them to needy families so they might have a better chance at life. In the process I donated some of my older equipment that was still in good shape. Hard drives, DVD Rom/burners, and various other stuff. He was always grateful and my wife was pleased that I’d gotten rid of a few things.

Now I’ve read that Ken himself needs help. He was diagnosed with throat cancer a few months back and got treatment for it. All seemed to be going well until recently. It’s seems that a few of the cancer cells have migrated to a lymph node. Not good. He needs surgery to remove the node which they say will definitely give him more time. You can read about it here. If enough help, then Ken can continue with his mission down there in Austin.

One year ago

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It was one year ago today that the family finally arrived at our home here in Fort Collins. It was a long trip for Jane and I with two of our cats with us. We were just glad to make it and get started with our new life as retirees.

During the year, we’ve done quite a few things to the house. Nothing big except for the gas fireplaces. There were some small things that needed to be fixed and those got done. We really like the house and are very happy here.

I’m hoping that we have many more years together in the house. It’s so enjoyable and peaceful. We get to do things together when we want and not just on weekends like it was for so many years.

Lovin’ it!

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I am really a happy camper. I’m loving this new computer. Damn, it’s fast.  A couple of posts ago, I described it and what I thought at the time. Now that I’ve had more time to work with it, I know I made the right choices on parts.

I mentioned that I’d had no trouble with the linux installs, but the Win7 might be touchy. Today when I started it up, it said it had been activated. So I guess that everything is OK. I’ll keep watching it and hopefully I can keep it working. It’s got a couple of things for the blue ray drive that are nice.

I’ve always been a hardware guy. I started running dual processors when most were only running single. I still have an old Athlon MB with 2 AMD MP processors on it. That should say how old it is. This latest one replaced a dual Opteron system that was getting long in the tooth. I bought it in 2005. That’s a long time for computers. But it still ran and took most everything I threw at it.

According to everything I’ve read, this setup would make a great gaming machine. But I’ve never been a gamer so I guess I’ll never know.

It’s Finished!

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I finished building the new computer yesterday, and I absolutely love it. It’s quiet, fast, and works great so far. I used an ASUS M5A97 EVO MB with an AMD 8core CPU running at 3.6ghz. Then I added 16gig of G.Skill DDR3  ram.

I did have to switch cases though. I really don’t mind as this one is just as nice just bigger. The ATX MB just didn’t fit that well in my smaller case. It would have worked but the drive ports were sort of hidden and that just made the install too hard to do.

I put my original drives in and plugged in the power. It started right up but of course the first time you have to run though the initial settings in the bios. Did that and then started up my linux install. It hesitated for a bit, then figured things out and it was off and running. It sees everything and can use everything. It’s nice to work with. Then I restarted and fired up my Windows7 install. Well, it took forever and I had to get the driver CD out so it could find the drivers. I’m not sure how long it’s going to work because it told me I had three days before it would re-authorize or whatever it’s called the computer. If it dies, so be it. I’ll copy what I need off of it and then use it for storage. The only thing I used it for was my iPod and I can always use the iMac for that.


The only problem I had with it is the backplate. Seems to not fit so well. I’ll play with it today and get it right. It shouldn’t be that hard. I’m off to play with the new machine now and see what else it does.

Another Nutjob!

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I’m so tired of hearing about Sarah Palin that I can’t believe she is still around. This lady is back on the death panel kick again. WTF?? Is she so stupid that she doesn’t understand what the passage in the bill says? Damn, she has a “college” education, although I don’t know what her major was. Underwater basketweaving? She says so many stupid things that she is really getting boring. And now because she quit her job as governor of Alaska, the only place she has left to spout off is Facebook. Yea right. I guess it’s better than twitter because she can use more than 140 characters, but really folks, how really stupid is this person?