Slacking and some fun.

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I have really been lax in keeping this blog up. I hadn’t been doing so well, and I just didn’t feel like doing much with anything. But now I’m doing a  lot better and thought I’d try again.

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from some company/site that wanted to sell me the .com version of this site for about $70 for a year. I decided to check and sure enough it was available and so I bought it for two years for $25. Then I wrote them back to give them the good news. Guess I pissed them off cuz they didn’t write back.

Today I got a call from GoDaddy asking me if everything was OK with the new domain. I told her the story about why I bought it. She got a good laugh on that one. Then I mentioned that I was going to call and check on pointing the .com domain to this one. No problem and she did it. So now both point here. Kind of nice, and I’m going to start posting more along with pictures.


Insurance problems

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Having only lived in the states for about 3 years after living overseas for almost 25 years, I wasn’t sure about homeowner’s insurance and also car insurance. Farmers insurance was recommended so I went with them. Now three years later, I have decided that I made a mistake.

The first problem came last April when I got the renewal for my auto coverage., Since starting, it has gone up over $100 every six months.Why? Well, according to the agent, Colorado has one of the highest rates due to all the problems with hail, fires and such. Yet I never made a claim. I got the impression that I was paying for others problems and also to keep the profits up for the shareholders. Yes, farmers is a traded company and as such, must keep the shareholders happy at the expense of the customers. I started calling around and found out that I was paying one of the highest rates for auto insurance. So I switched to another company and the cost was about half of what Farmers wanted. I dropped them, and went with another company.,

So now the second problem has come up. Yesterday I got a bill from Farmers for another $175 on my home insurance. The reason on the bill was “fire insurance”. I did a bit of checking online, and found out that that wasn’t the case, but was an increase due to dropping the auto insurance. Before I found this out though I had written to my agent to see what in the heck was going on. Got the same song and dance about all the claims due to fires, hail and floods. Still no claims from me, so I didn’t understand. I let it go and started looking around this morning and got the real story.

Let me just say that as far as I’m concerned, Farmers is a ripoff. Their fancy commercials don’t tell the real story.  They’ll keep taking your money and jack up your rates without blinking an eye. Personally, I’ll tell it as I see it. Oh, and did I mention that in three years I’ve had 4 different agents? One quit, one got promoted, offices were combined, and now? Who knows. I’m just not going to be part of it anymore.


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I decided that I need to replace the MB because silly me got carried away while trying to fix the memory problem and broke one of the locks. It’s just me, because it works fine.

So a few days  ago, I started looking around for a replacement board. I found one at Tigerdirect and made the purchase.Normally I order from Newegg but they don’t have the same board available anymore. I made the order and chose 2 to 6 day shipping. I’m not in that big of a rush, but I’d like to have it here sooner rather than later. Two days have gone by and I haven’t heard a word from them about shipping. I’m used to Newegg where everything is pretty fast and you get documentation showing what is going on. I decided to see what would happen when I check the “track your order” button. It comes up and I fill in the blocks. It takes me to a page that just about floored me. Now remember that I selected 2 to 6 day shipping. I look at the tracking page, and the order has been sent to a third party warehouse, and I can expect it shipped within 7 to 10 days. WTF? That long? And now a day later there is no change. Are they really that busy? I sent them a message expressing my displeasure, and I’m waiting to hear from them.

This is the first and last thing that I’ll ever order from Tigerdirect. There is NOTHING on the page that says anything about a third party shipment. That’s just plain deceptive. And then to charge for the two to six day shipping is ridiculous. I’ll wait until the end of the 6th business day and then demand my money back.  If they think this post is bad, just let that happen. I’ll make sure that anyone I know never uses them again.

Nuff Said.

Update: I’ve checked every day and today is the 7th working day since I made the order. This evening I decided to check again. I’d checked earlier in the day and nothing had changed. Well, this evening it changed. BACKORDER! Can you believe it? It took 7 “work” days for their third party warehouse to find out they didn’t have the item. That is just plain stupid. No other way to describe it. You would think that someone somewhere could check in the computer, assuming they use them, and find out a lot sooner. Nor was I notified about the backorder. Nothing, nada, zip. is a poorly run organization. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it. I’ll never do business with them again.



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I hate it when I’m caught lying. The reason I bring this up is the news about Lance Armstrong and his admission that he used drugs. WTF? All these years he’s denied it, never failed a drug test, and now this. I’m sorry, but it’s really a letdown.

I started watching the Tour De France while I lived in Europe. It was great because I love to ride. I even drove two hours from our house to see a bit of it in Aachen. It was truly amazing to see all those riders going at top speed. They flew buy in just a few seconds, but it was still great to see. I don’t remember the year, and if Lance was there, but now I realize that a lot of it is false.

Mr. Armstrong, you are lower than low. I don’t care anymore. I supported you and what you said. I believed you. So the best thing I have to say is FOAD. I doubt you’ll ever read this, and I really don’t care. I’m disappointed that you’ve deceived so many people for so long. I’m one of them, and won’t be doing it any more.

P.S. if you don’t understand FOAD, here’s a hint. F*ck off and die.


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I never realized how politics worked in the states while we lived overseas. Now I know. With all the polling phone calls, folks at the door, and TV commercials it’s almost continual. Now I don’t mind talking to someone, but the robocalls get hung up on. I’m not going to give any information to a machine. That’s plain silly. We’ve had two of the local politicians come to the door looking for a vote. My wife listened to one, and the other wasn’t that interesting and I was courteous, but sent him on his way. Well, that and he was here at 9 in the morning. That’s just not right. We’re retired, and don’t like to be bothered early. 😉

I’ll be so glad when the election is over. All the BS in the commercials is really getting old. You can’t watch a show without being bombarded with it. I guess it’s a way to get the word out, but all the snickering is silly. State your case. Don’t try to stick it to your opponent. It doesn’t work for me, and I doubt it works for others.

Being Realistic

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Several months ago, my mother passed away. In her will she gave her home to me. We decided to sell the house as I don’t want to live there. The house has been on the market for a few weeks and so far it doesn’t look promising. The house needs updating, but it’s big and the price is right.

What I get upset about is folks complaining about the street noise. Well darn, I can’t move the house and they see it when driving up. When we stayed there, I never really noticed the noise but I guess with an empty house it’s obvious.

Another thing that makes me so mad is talking about the appliances. It seems that everyone is sold on Stainless Steel or nothing. Well, I guess they’ve never had them because they are a real pain in the ass to keep clean. But hey everyone wants them. They are also the most expensive. Seems silly to me. Oh, and granite counter  tops is another want from everyone. They do look nice, but take it from someone that knows. The darker ones are a real bitch to keep clean. I’d rather have something that’s easy to clean. Our broker mentions all of this on his website, and while I’m sure he’s trying to cater to younger crowd, but our house really isn’t for that crowd.

I hope it sells soon. I’d like to have this finished.


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One of the things that I never knew about while living overseas was the type of phone calls that Americans have to put up with. I’m talking about robocalls, and the automated answering machines that many companies use nowadays.

An example was just thing morning at about 8:00 a.m. First of all it a no name in the caller ID. Then when I answered there was a slight hesitation and then it started with “Are your carpets dirty?” I don’t know what the rest of it was because I immediately hung up.  If there isn’t a real person on the line, I refuse to listen. Then again, there are times when there is a real person and I get upset too. Take last night. Some guy from Mortgage Investment Corp calls me wanting to refinance my mortgage.  He seemed to think that I needed this. I had to stop him to let him know that my mortgage would be paid off in about 45 days, and I didn’t need to re-finance. He kept trying, and I finally called him an asshole at which time he hung up. Oh, darn.

Too Bad, So Sad.. ;-)

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In the past couple of days, I’ve had a few spammers try to register on the blog. So here’s the deal. If you want to register, you’ll have to contact me personally. As I don’t really advertise my email address, I’m a bit hard to get in contact with. Those that know me can do it. Those that don’t.. Oh, well.. The folks that registered in hopes of gaining access have been deleted. New Registrations are closed for now.


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I’ve been listening and reading to the news for the past couple of days. It appears that a couple of the so called new folks have either lost their marbles, or they are on drugs. The first? Glenn Beck. He was on one of the Fox news shows and stated that our president is a racist. Oh, really? That’s odd. He said that President Obama didn’t understand the white culture, or he didn’t like it. Damn, that’s strange. His mother is/was white. Grandmother was white and he thought the world of her. Somehow I don’t think Glenn gets it. His so-called resume includes him claiming that he is a recovering alcoholic and addict. Another drug addled brain spouting off on national TV. Reminds me of another druggie from Florida.

The other nutjob is Lou Dobbs. He really needs to leave CNN and go over to Fox like his brother Glenn. He is on the air with the so-called birthers. But CNN says that editorial content on his show is his alone. Damn.. Then they’d all be together. Dobbs, Beck and Hannity. Kind of reminds me of the wit brothers. Half, Dim, and Nit.

Nuff Said