Slacking and some fun.

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I have really been lax in keeping this blog up. I hadn’t been doing so well, and I just didn’t feel like doing much with anything. But now I’m doing a  lot better and thought I’d try again.

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from some company/site that wanted to sell me the .com version of this site for about $70 for a year. I decided to check and sure enough it was available and so I bought it for two years for $25. Then I wrote them back to give them the good news. Guess I pissed them off cuz they didn’t write back.

Today I got a call from GoDaddy asking me if everything was OK with the new domain. I told her the story about why I bought it. She got a good laugh on that one. Then I mentioned that I was going to call and check on pointing the .com domain to this one. No problem and she did it. So now both point here. Kind of nice, and I’m going to start posting more along with pictures.


Photo update

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Last May, I wrote that I bought a new camera with the intention of taking a lot of pictures. Well, time slipped by and I really didn’t take that many. So last month I decided to take a photography class. It was very informative, and I learned a lot. So now I’m going to start going out in the afternoons and taking pictures of the area. I’ll try to find interesting places and hopefully take some decent shots. One place I won’t be going though is any place that is run by the Larimer county parks and recreation folks. I can buy a daily pass, but after a while that might get expensive. I saw some information about getting a yearly pass online. That OK, if you aren’t a senior or disabled. I questioned them about this and they said it was just too hard to prove age or disability. Well, guess what folks. If they would put a block for your drivers license on the page, then age and disability could be checked before sending the pass. They won’t do it, so I won’t go. Or at least I won’t pay.

I guess I should get off this for now because it just makes me so damn mad.

New Toys!

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Many years ago, I enjoyed taking pictures. I spent the money for an SLR camera and all of it’s extra stuff. Well, film is hard to find nowadays, and I haven’t used it in quite a long time. I finally decided that I wanted to start taking photos again, and picked up a DSLR camera yesterday. I got a Canon EOS t3i along with a telephoto lens and bag. I found a deal on the entire package and got it. I am in the process of learning about everything it will do, and so far it’s a lot of fun. I haven’t done any real photography with it yet, but once the weather gets better I’ll go out to find something to take pictures of. Then I’m sure I’ll be filling up the galleries with new stuff. Until then, I’m off to play.

Looking good

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Well, last night I turned my monitor off just as I’ve done for years. This morning when I started things up, no monitor. Dead. I tried everything I could think of to get it to work. I tried unplugging the power, holding the power on button while plugging in the power. Nothing. It is an older monitor, so I’ve been sort of expecting it to die. So I go down to Best Buy, one of my favorite stores, and pick up a new monitor. Not just any monitor though. It’s a 25in. HP IPS LED monitor. Damn, this is sweet. Picture is better, and of course bigger than the 22in. that I had before. It was also $60 off and that helped too.

I got the monitors switched, and started the computer. A few things flash, and then the picture comes up. Boy, talk about pretty. And it’s so big. I’m seeing little things that I don’t remember seeing before. It’s nice and I’m pleased. This one is definitely a keeper.

Having fun

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It’s been a bit over a year since we moved into our home. We purchased it with a VA loan through our credit union. That’s the best part. Then last November by mother passed away. I didn’t know it, but she had a rather large savings and investment portfolio. That along with the house she owned and had lived in for the past few years made for a nice inheritance.

Since moving in we’ve been bombarded with the folks that want me to refinance my loan with another company. I wouldn’t do it, but for the most part was pretty nice in telling the folks no thank you. A few of them were very persistent. Especially the callers. I got to the point where I was rude to them. The calls started to slow and that was nice.

The most fun though was this past week after we used part of the inheritance to pay off the mortgage on our house. That’s a great feeling. About two days later I got one of those phone calls wanting to lower my mortgage payments. I decided to have some fun. The guy on the other end gave me all the good news about lower interest rates and so on. Then he asked me a question. Do I know how much I own on my loan. Well, yes I know the exact amount I told him. He said that great, how much is it. I said zero! What he said? Zero I said. I paid the mortgage off earlier in the week. At this point, he muttered some unprintable words, and hung up on me.

Oh, darn, did I really make him mad? I sure hope so. It’s fun to make these clowns work for nothing. I’d told everyone of them that I wouldn’t switch my mortgage. I have been a one bank/CU guy for years, and wasn’t going to change.

So that’s the story. I finally got back at these clowns that have called for over a year. Now if I can just get rid of the political calls.


Time Flies

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Man, time flies when you are having fun. It’s been almost one year since I moved into the house to occupy according to the VA rules. It’s been a real change. After living in Germany for 20 years, we retired and moved back to Northern Colorado. There have been lots of changes to our lifestyle and so far most of them have been good. There are things that I miss, but new things happen every day so that makes up for the things I miss.

I am amazed at all the days of sunshine here. According to what I’ve heard Fort Collins and Colorado in general have over 300 days of sunshine. That’s a big difference from where we used to live.

I do miss all the friends that we had there. We still keep in contact by email but it isn’t the same. Hopefully we can get together somewhere sometime. We are slowly making friends here, but it’s different when you are retired and not working. The contact with others is not there.

I hope to continue blogging and making a statement about whatever strikes my fancy. Here’s to retirement!

Using linux at home

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I’ve often said that by using linux at home, I didn’t have to worry about the dreaded virus/malware attacks. I have also grown to know that there isn’t a lot that I can’t do. It sometimes takes a bit longer, but eventually I get what I want.

Yesterday, I got a webcam for this computer. Nothing really fancy. It’s a logitech Quickcam communicate delux. It’s a nice cam that fit right on top of my monitor. Ah, but getting to work with linux. Well, google is my friend. I did a search, and came up with what I thought would be a driver for it. Alas, it had to be compiled and for the life of me I couldn’t get it to compile. It kept coming up with an error 2 from Make. Luckily, I did a search of the openSuSE site, and lo and behold there was an RPM just for this. Did a one-click install and then inserted the module into the system. The cam came right up in Skype. Nice.

The second one was today. I have had an internet radio for quite a while that I listen to. Mostly public radio stations. But also knew that if there was a uPNP player, it would play the music from my computer. I looked around and again, found a program called mediatomb. Again, it was a one-click install and I was off and runnning. It’s really a nice program. It comes with a web interface for setup. I fired up the browser, and setup all the music that I’ve got on this machine. It took just a couple of minutes, and I was ready. I went down to the radio and went through the menu. Wow! There’s all my music. I can listen to it everyone I take the little radio in the house.

I’m really pleased on how well this all has worked. I basically use openSUSE 11.0 on this machine. It does everything I need and now even more. And it just runs and runs.

Now, someone explain to me why I need Windows anything?


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I was listening to NPR’s Morning Edition today, and the last story had me in stitches. It seems that the internet speeds in South Africa aren’t that good. One company proved it by strapping a memory card to a homing pigeon’s leg. When it arrived at it’s destination, only 4% of the file had come across the net. Now that’s slow. Here’s the short story

40 years ago

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I thought I’d write a long story about this, but I’ve decided to make it short. 40 years ago, I married a wonderful woman. Jane was the answer to everything. We spent our wedding reception and night at the Holiday Inn in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Since that day we’ve done a lot of different things, been to lots of different places, and raised three great sons. Little did I know or even dream that we’d still be together for this long. It’s just not something that you think about at the time. But it has been absolutely a wonderful time. There have been rough spots, but nothing we couldn’t get through.

Tonight in celebration, we had dinner at Colmberg Castle. It’s not far and seemed to be the best place to celebrate. It was quite a change from the beginning night.

I can only hope that it lasts another 40 years. If it’s half as enjoyable as the first 40 years, I’ll be tickled.