Using linux at home

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I’ve often said that by using linux at home, I didn’t have to worry about the dreaded virus/malware attacks. I have also grown to know that there isn’t a lot that I can’t do. It sometimes takes a bit longer, but eventually I get what I want.

Yesterday, I got a webcam for this computer. Nothing really fancy. It’s a logitech Quickcam communicate delux. It’s a nice cam that fit right on top of my monitor. Ah, but getting to work with linux. Well, google is my friend. I did a search, and came up with what I thought would be a driver for it. Alas, it had to be compiled and for the life of me I couldn’t get it to compile. It kept coming up with an error 2 from Make. Luckily, I did a search of the openSuSE site, and lo and behold there was an RPM just for this. Did a one-click install and then inserted the module into the system. The cam came right up in Skype. Nice.

The second one was today. I have had an internet radio for quite a while that I listen to. Mostly public radio stations. But also knew that if there was a uPNP player, it would play the music from my computer. I looked around and again, found a program called mediatomb. Again, it was a one-click install and I was off and runnning. It’s really a nice program. It comes with a web interface for setup. I fired up the browser, and setup all the music that I’ve got on this machine. It took just a couple of minutes, and I was ready. I went down to the radio and went through the menu. Wow! There’s all my music. I can listen to it everyone I take the little radio in the house.

I’m really pleased on how well this all has worked. I basically use openSUSE 11.0 on this machine. It does everything I need and now even more. And it just runs and runs.

Now, someone explain to me why I need Windows anything?

Apple Upgrade

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I bought the upgrade to Snow Leopard for Jane’s iMac a couple of weeks ago. Before it arrived I started reading little things that might happen, and that perhaps I should wait for the first update to fix some of the problems. So I waited. Mainly because of everything I’d heard about problems with HP printers. We have a 2600n Color Laserjet, and it had been working quite nicely with all the computers in the house.

Yesterday I got the bug, and started the upgrade. It was easy and came right up. But not so unexpectedly, the HP printer was gone. My little brother Laser printer was found and properly installed. No problem, I’ll just re-install the HP. First I got the updates to 10.6 and that went well. But still no HP fix. I checked around the net, and found an update to the HP drivers for the Mac. I downloaded that, did the install, and still nothing. I worked on it for quite a while without any luck. Now where is that install disk for the printer. Searched the room, but couldn’t find it. No problem. I’ll just download it. Still no luck. I quit. Better to stop, than get frustrated, and throw the computer out the window.. 😉

I came back this morning, and found the disk. It was right beside the mac. I put it in, did the install, and then checked. There was still a problem, and it couldn’t find the right driver. But I clicked on something and up popped the printer with a strange name. I said install it, the mac said OK, and all is well.

Are there improvements? I think so. But she’s up to date now, and so far it works as it did when I bought it. It is nice to not have to worry about updating the virus protection, and so forth.


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I was listening to NPR’s Morning Edition today, and the last story had me in stitches. It seems that the internet speeds in South Africa aren’t that good. One company proved it by strapping a memory card to a homing pigeon’s leg. When it arrived at it’s destination, only 4% of the file had come across the net. Now that’s slow. Here’s the short story

Another Nutjob!

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I’m so tired of hearing about Sarah Palin that I can’t believe she is still around. This lady is back on the death panel kick again. WTF?? Is she so stupid that she doesn’t understand what the passage in the bill says? Damn, she has a “college” education, although I don’t know what her major was. Underwater basketweaving? She says so many stupid things that she is really getting boring. And now because she quit her job as governor of Alaska, the only place she has left to spout off is Facebook. Yea right. I guess it’s better than twitter because she can use more than 140 characters, but really folks, how really stupid is this person?