A computer dies….

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I bought a server type motherboard several years ago. It was before the dual core cpus were available. It was a dual opteron MB and I thought it was great. I eventually used it for my server while we lived overseas.

I have been working with it lately and it keeps locking up for no reason. I did a bit of research and find that at least one of the cpu’s is dying. It’s been a great machine and I’ll miss it.

Just to show how really behind I usually am, I started doing a bit of research on something to replace it. Now I find that the cpus come with up to 8 cores now. Really? I think there are even more, but I’m not really in the market for anything more. I just hate to waste all the space in my full tower case with a standard ATX motherboard. Oh, well, it still looks great and will hold a lot of stuff eventually.

Update! It wasn’t a cpu problem. It was a software thing. I don’t know exactly what was going on and the reason I thought it was a cpu problem was the messages I got every time it locked up. I ran a bunch of tests, and lo and behold, everything was fine. I did upgrade the power supply, and did a bios update and everything seems to be working again. I’m relieved. Now I have a computer to play with.

Time Flies

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Man, time flies when you are having fun. It’s been almost one year since I moved into the house to occupy according to the VA rules. It’s been a real change. After living in Germany for 20 years, we retired and moved back to Northern Colorado. There have been lots of changes to our lifestyle and so far most of them have been good. There are things that I miss, but new things happen every day so that makes up for the things I miss.

I am amazed at all the days of sunshine here. According to what I’ve heard Fort Collins and Colorado in general have over 300 days of sunshine. That’s a big difference from where we used to live.

I do miss all the friends that we had there. We still keep in contact by email but it isn’t the same. Hopefully we can get together somewhere sometime. We are slowly making friends here, but it’s different when you are retired and not working. The contact with others is not there.

I hope to continue blogging and making a statement about whatever strikes my fancy. Here’s to retirement!

It’s back

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Several months ago, I tried to get my blog setup at home as I used to have it when we lived overseas. The problem is the modem wouldn’t properly transfer port 80 to the computer and the page looked horrible. I tried everything I could think of. I wrote to Centurylink to see if they had some ideas. They told me that the setup was wrong. Unfortunately I’ve been running WordPress for years, and never had one bit of trouble like this. I doubt others do either. As a last resort, they sent a new modem. No change. Same old stuff. So I decided to close it down, and move it to a hosted site.
So far I like it. Looks just like my old site, and hopefully I’ll be more active. Got a few stories to tell from here in Northern Colorado.