Working around the house

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Last summer was a bit frenzied with the furniture delivery, and getting things organized. This spring, we actually have a lot more time, and have started getting the yard in shape. Last year it was water and mow. That was about it.¬† This year we’ve cleaned out the flower beds, and put down new mulch to get things looking better.

Now that it’s gotten warm here, the flowers are starting to bloom and we’ve added¬† some to the mix. They look great. The arbor

We also got a shepard’s staff to hang some more on in another corner of the yard.

The shepard's staff

Now that this is our house, we can do things like this. We thought back to all the places we’ve lived, and this is really one of the few times we’ve had a back yard to use and change to our liking. We’ve got more plans for later including a seating area in a shaded corner of the yard. That will really be the best part during the summer.



Meetup group

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I’ve found out that there is a WordPress meetup group that meets here locally. I signed up, and there is supposed to be a get together this month. I’m looking forward to it. Now I have to make sure that I mark it on my calendar so that I don’t miss it. This should be fun.

My apologies

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I just noticed something. I thought it would be nice to import all my past posts. That was a good idea except for the links. There are links to my old site that won’t work. So I apologize for this. Eventually I’ll go through it and remove the links. Or perhaps create a gallery here to show them.