We’re back

July 25, 2009 by
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We finally arrived last night from our latest trip to Norway. What a great trip. We got to spend most of the time with the family, and see now places. We stayed near the Atlantic Ocean, and for the first time I was really able to see how the tide comes in and out.

One of the most exciting things about the trip was the drive home. Matt and the family wanted to see Geiranger because we were up in that area. We’d been there, and decided to split from them when we were waiting for the ferry on RV63. We left them and I was happily driving along the road heading for Andalsnes. Now I had done a lot of research on the area and knew a bit (I thought) about the roads. So we are driving along and come upon a rest stop called Trollstigen. It still didn’t ring a bell until Jane said what’s the Troll’s ladder? Oh no, well, maybe it’s around here somewhere as I’d seen pictures of this road. We stopped, took a break and then decided to drive on. All of a sudden the road said 8% grade. We were headed down the road. I can only say that it was the thrill of the trip, but not one I had planned. Here is a link to one of the descriptions of the road. You know you’re in trouble when there is a VW minibus backing up to let a regular bus go by.



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