May 9, 2012 by
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One of the things that I never knew about while living overseas was the type of phone calls that Americans have to put up with. I’m talking about robocalls, and the automated answering machines that many companies use nowadays.

An example was just thing morning at about 8:00 a.m. First of all it a no name in the caller ID. Then when I answered there was a slight hesitation and then it started with “Are your carpets dirty?” I don’t know what the rest of it was because I immediately hung up.  If there isn’t a real person on the line, I refuse to listen. Then again, there are times when there is a real person and I get upset too. Take last night. Some guy from Mortgage Investment Corp calls me wanting to refinance my mortgage.  He seemed to think that I needed this. I had to stop him to let him know that my mortgage would be paid off in about 45 days, and I didn’t need to re-finance. He kept trying, and I finally called him an asshole at which time he hung up. Oh, darn.


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