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A few posts ago, I mentioned that I’d had trouble with one of my computers. Well, It’s not too bad, but while doing some cleaning, I happened to find the invoice from the company I made the purchase from. I couldn’t believe just how much I paid for that computer. It has run well, but I really think it’s time to upgrade. So I have been looking around and am actually quite amazed at what is available and the prices.

Right now the old computer runs a dual opteron setup with 4gig of memory. At the time that was a very powerful setup. The cpu’s run at 2ghz. That again was quite fast at the time. (2005).

Now I am getting read to buy another MB with a single cpu. The nice thing about that is the one I want is an AM3+ Zambezi 8core CPU running at 3.6ghz. The price is less than the price I paid for both opterons. Then there is memory. In 2005 I paid over $200 for 2gig of ram. Now I’m looking at 16gig of DDR3 memory for about $100. To me that’s amazing.

I really looking forward to building this one. Not sure exactly what it’s purpose will be, but I’m going to have fun with it for sure.



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