It’s Finished!

June 9, 2012 by
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I finished building the new computer yesterday, and I absolutely love it. It’s quiet, fast, and works great so far. I used an ASUS M5A97 EVO MB with an AMD 8core CPU running at 3.6ghz. Then I added 16gig of G.Skill DDR3  ram.

I did have to switch cases though. I really don’t mind as this one is just as nice just bigger. The ATX MB just didn’t fit that well in my smaller case. It would have worked but the drive ports were sort of hidden and that just made the install too hard to do.

I put my original drives in and plugged in the power. It started right up but of course the first time you have to run though the initial settings in the bios. Did that and then started up my linux install. It hesitated for a bit, then figured things out and it was off and running. It sees everything and can use everything. It’s nice to work with. Then I restarted and fired up my Windows7 install. Well, it took forever and I had to get the driver CD out so it could find the drivers. I’m not sure how long it’s going to work because it told me I had three days before it would re-authorize or whatever it’s called the computer. If it dies, so be it. I’ll copy what I need off of it and then use it for storage. The only thing I used it for was my iPod and I can always use the iMac for that.


The only problem I had with it is the backplate. Seems to not fit so well. I’ll play with it today and get it right. It shouldn’t be that hard. I’m off to play with the new machine now and see what else it does.


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