Being Realistic

June 12, 2012 by
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Several months ago, my mother passed away. In her will she gave her home to me. We decided to sell the house as I don’t want to live there. The house has been on the market for a few weeks and so far it doesn’t look promising. The house needs updating, but it’s big and the price is right.

What I get upset about is folks complaining about the street noise. Well darn, I can’t move the house and they see it when driving up. When we stayed there, I never really noticed the noise but I guess with an empty house it’s obvious.

Another thing that makes me so mad is talking about the appliances. It seems that everyone is sold on Stainless Steel or nothing. Well, I guess they’ve never had them because they are a real pain in the ass to keep clean. But hey everyone wants them. They are also the most expensive. Seems silly to me. Oh, and granite counter  tops is another want from everyone. They do look nice, but take it from someone that knows. The darker ones are a real bitch to keep clean. I’d rather have something that’s easy to clean. Our broker mentions all of this on his website, and while I’m sure he’s trying to cater to younger crowd, but our house really isn’t for that crowd.

I hope it sells soon. I’d like to have this finished.


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