Lovin’ it!

June 16, 2012 by
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I am really a happy camper. I’m loving this new computer. Damn, it’s fast.  A couple of posts ago, I described it and what I thought at the time. Now that I’ve had more time to work with it, I know I made the right choices on parts.

I mentioned that I’d had no trouble with the linux installs, but the Win7 might be touchy. Today when I started it up, it said it had been activated. So I guess that everything is OK. I’ll keep watching it and hopefully I can keep it working. It’s got a couple of things for the blue ray drive that are nice.

I’ve always been a hardware guy. I started running dual processors when most were only running single. I still have an old Athlon MB with 2 AMD MP processors on it. That should say how old it is. This latest one replaced a dual Opteron system that was getting long in the tooth. I bought it in 2005. That’s a long time for computers. But it still ran and took most everything I threw at it.

According to everything I’ve read, this setup would make a great gaming machine. But I’ve never been a gamer so I guess I’ll never know.


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