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A few years ago, I first read the Blog of Helios and was impressed with his enthusiasm towards linux. Ken Starks was adamant about helping out kids and getting them involved with technology. He took donated computers, configured them with linux, and gave them to needy families so they might have a better chance at life. In the process I donated some of my older equipment that was still in good shape. Hard drives, DVD Rom/burners, and various other stuff. He was always grateful and my wife was pleased that I’d gotten rid of a few things.

Now I’ve read that Ken himself needs help. He was diagnosed with throat cancer a few months back and got treatment for it. All seemed to be going well until recently. It’s seems that a few of the cancer cells have migrated to a lymph node. Not good. He needs surgery to remove the node which they say will definitely give him more time. You can read about it here. If enough help, then Ken can continue with his mission down there in Austin.


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