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When we bought this house, the previous owner had a large screen TV that he gave to us.  It worked fine up until last week when it simply quit. Oh, well, it gave me a chance to get a new flat screen which I did. Little did I realize the extra costs involved to get everything right. After getting everything hooked up, it looked pretty nice, but those black bars at the top and bottom really bother me. So I’ll have to upgrade our TV box. Might as well do the whole house while I’m at it. Then when trying the cheap blue-ray player, it died, so I had to buy another one of those. But at least it works. I never knew how good things would look. Blue-ray is really nice. So I’m happy. Just waiting for the tv boxes to arrive.

Update! The TV boxes are installed and boy, TV has never looked so good. I really didn’t realize the difference that HD would bring. Then my wife decided that we should update the other TV so I went out and got another flat screen. I always thought that the old Hitachi had a good picture, but it doesn’t compare. It’s like day and night. When I watched football yesterday, it was like you could see the blades of grass on the field. It was really amazing. I guess the only thing left to do is get a blue-ray player for the upstairs TV.  Maybe this week. I’m not in a rush.


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