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January 10, 2013 by
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Just when you think that everything is going OK, something happens to change it. I built this computer and thought the upgrade was going great. I have a Win7 drive and that runs just fine. But it’s 32 bit and doesn’t access all of the memory. I usually run my 64 bit linux, and started having a bit of trouble.

It seems that the desktop, or a program, or quite a few things would crash for no reason. I just assumed it was something about the install, and I’d re-do it. That didn’t help either. So I started looking at hardware. Now keep in mind that this build is only 6 months or so old. I decided to run memtest on the system, and lo and behold, what did I get? ERRORS! Lots of them. It seems that at least one of the chips is bad or maybe more.

Luckily memory is pretty inexpensive right now, so I opted to buy more and it will be here soon. Then we’ll see if it’s the chip or the board. I’d hate to change to board because of all the stuff that is hung on it. It’s a great board, and really easy to use, but if I have to replace it I’ll have to watch out to make sure I don’t buy one of those locked boards for Win8. Not going to do it. I refuse to be locked into something when I pay good money. I build my own desktops so I want to use them as I please.

Wish me luck.

Oh, well. So much for luck. The memory I ordered was wrong. Didn’t work at all. So I’ll return it, and get the right stuff. Damn, I hate running with only 8 gig of ram. ;). I should have done more research.

I finally did all the research, and ordered the right memory. It arrived, and I put it in. Happiness! 16gig of ram and all is well. It runs quite well, and no more crashes. Now if I decide to upgrade my Win7 to 64bit I can use all of it there too. Right now it’s just 64bit Opensuse 12.1 although I do have 12.2, and 12.3RC1 installed on other drives. Nice to have multiple choices to boot.


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