New Telephoto Lens

September 17, 2015 by
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As I wrote before, I ordered a telephoto lens and it came last week. I love it! It’s an Opteka 500mm fixed length lens that also came with a 2x multiplier. That’s 1000mm total. Oh, is this fun. I got it hooked up and started with the 500mm length. Talk about seeing things up close. Taking pictures seemed to be pretty easy and I got a few shots around the house and backyard. 500mm seemed pretty easy to use. The quick pictures I took were clear and in focus.

Then I put the multiplier on the lens and things got really interesting. First was the fact that everything I was trying to shoot was so close :). Needless to say I discovered why folks tell the beginners to always use a tripod when shooting with a telephoto lens. I am now a believer. I didn’t realize just how shaky I was. The thing is, This lens isn’t really that long when compared to all the long lenses and I thought I could control it. Boy, was I wrong. I did get a couple of nice close up pictures, but a lot of them were fuzzy or not a full screen picture.

I’m looking forward to going out and shooting something other than my backyard with this lens set.


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