A loss here

August 6, 2016 by
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It’s been a tough week. Last Saturday, my youngest son Nick died here at home. He’d been fighting a disease for over 5 years and it finally won. It was such a shock to see after the way that day started. He was up and seemed happy in the morning. He seemed to still be that way around noon. But when my wife Jane went to get him for dinner that night, he was gone. He died in his room and I doubt we’ll ever know exactly what happened.

They came and took him away and performed an autopsy. Nothing definite from that although they did say he had an enlarged heart. They are awaiting toxicology reports to confirm everything. Then he was sent to a mortuary where we had a nice service for him. We are having him cremated and that should be done early next week.

It’s so strange not to have him around. My other two sons came for the funeral, but they’ve gone home now. The house is really quiet now. No extra noises coming from the basement anymore and it’s just Jane and I for meals now. Hopefully we’ll get used to it soon.

I’ll post more when we get some more information.


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