40 years ago

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I thought I’d write a long story about this, but I’ve decided to make it short. 40 years ago, I married a wonderful woman. Jane was the answer to everything. We spent our wedding reception and night at the Holiday Inn in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Since that day we’ve done a lot of different things, been to lots of different places, and raised three great sons. Little did I know or even dream that we’d still be together for this long. It’s just not something that you think about at the time. But it has been absolutely a wonderful time. There have been rough spots, but nothing we couldn’t get through.

Tonight in celebration, we had dinner at Colmberg Castle. It’s not far and seemed to be the best place to celebrate. It was quite a change from the beginning night.

I can only hope that it lasts another 40 years. If it’s half as enjoyable as the first 40 years, I’ll be tickled.