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I hate it when I’m caught lying. The reason I bring this up is the news about Lance Armstrong and his admission that he used drugs. WTF? All these years he’s denied it, never failed a drug test, and now this. I’m sorry, but it’s really a letdown.

I started watching the Tour De France while I lived in Europe. It was great because I love to ride. I even drove two hours from our house to see a bit of it in Aachen. It was truly amazing to see all those riders going at top speed. They flew buy in just a few seconds, but it was still great to see. I don’t remember the year, and if Lance was there, but now I realize that a lot of it is false.

Mr. Armstrong, you are lower than low. I don’t care anymore. I supported you and what you said. I believed you. So the best thing I have to say is FOAD. I doubt you’ll ever read this, and I really don’t care. I’m disappointed that you’ve deceived so many people for so long. I’m one of them, and won’t be doing it any more.

P.S. if you don’t understand FOAD, here’s a hint. F*ck off and die.