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It seems that Colorado is starting to go up in flames. There are several fires burning in different areas of the state.

New fires are starting almost daily. Just today there were two fires that started near Boulder. I’ve been watching the news and they say that the fires are building quickly due to the dry conditions in the state. That along with the winds make for a very bad situation.As I sit here and listen, the fire started about 2:30 and was about 2 to 3 acres. Now about two hours later it’s at 200 to 300 acres. That’s quick. Not a good thing.

The most destructive fire is of course the High Park Fire. It’s located near Fort Collins where we live, and during the day it’s not too bad, but once the wind dies down, the town gets covered with smoke so opening the windows isn’t something we do. According to the news reports, 248 houses have been destroyed. The people will probably rebuild, but it will be a long time before that starts. The fire has to be put out before they can even return, and then to start again.

I hate to say it but I’m hoping for rain. Lots of it. I just it comes soon. Unless it does most of the state will be burned beyond recognition.

An update to this post. When I wrote it, the High Park Fire was the most destructive.  Since then, the Waldo Canyon fire became the most destructive. Over 300 homes were destroyed. It ripped right through a couple of subdivisions, and left little in it’s wake. All the pictures were terrible and I really feel sorry for those folks.

Today, it was hazy and smoky. It turns out that the smoke was coming from the fires up in Wyoming. That along with a temperature inversion made is pretty bad.