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I’ve been listening and reading to the news for the past couple of days. It appears that a couple of the so called new folks have either lost their marbles, or they are on drugs. The first? Glenn Beck. He was on one of the Fox news shows and stated that our president is a racist. Oh, really? That’s odd. He said that President Obama didn’t understand the white culture, or he didn’t like it. Damn, that’s strange. His mother is/was white. Grandmother was white and he thought the world of her. Somehow I don’t think Glenn gets it. His so-called resume includes him claiming that he is a recovering alcoholic and addict. Another drug addled brain spouting off on national TV. Reminds me of another druggie from Florida.

The other nutjob is Lou Dobbs. He really needs to leave CNN and go over to Fox like his brother Glenn. He is on the air with the so-called birthers. But CNN says that editorial content on his show is his alone. Damn.. Then they’d all be together. Dobbs, Beck and Hannity. Kind of reminds me of the wit brothers. Half, Dim, and Nit.

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