The End of an era

March 17, 2014 by · Comments Off on The End of an era
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Many years ago, I joined Ebay and Paypal. It was a good way to get things shipped overseas, and I used it for a lot of computer stuff. But it soon got old, and I quit using them. The accounts lay dormant until recently when all of a sudden I got a charge for $200 on my paypal account. Talk about a shock. Having not used it in over 10 years, and then to suddenly have a charge was crazy. I immediately called Paypal, and told them I didn’t make the charge and hadn’t use it for a long time. They were good enough to reverse the charge, and I eventually got my money returned.


After this happened, I closed my Ebay account. I don’t use it, nor want it. I can get things just as quickly now that I’m in the states. Well, today I got the funds back from Paypal. I was pleased. The first thing I did after finding this out was to go and close the Paypal account. It is now closed, so I don’t have that worry anymore. I’m glad I did it. With all the fees that they are charging now, it just isn’t worth it. 10% here, 20% there starts to add up if you use them regularly. I was never a seller on Ebay, so there was no real reason to keep the account. The Paypal account is a bit different in that many merchants also accept it. But most of them also take credit cards, so what’s the purpose except for foreign purchases, and I’m not going to be making any of those that I know of.

Goodbye Ebay and Paypal. It’s been a long ride, but it’s over now.